Ji-Move Electric 2-Seater Bike


JI-Move Electric Bike is a combination of the traditional bicycle and motorized vehicle. This improved mobility makes your journey a lot quicker with reduced capacity on public transport. This eBike could be a great solution to how to get around while still reaping the health benefits and doing your bit to improve air quality.

Name: JI-Move Electric Bike
Top Speed 25 KPH*
Charging Hours 6 Hours
Motors 350w Peak 500w
Brakes Rear Disc Brake with Electronic Regenerative ABS
Tires 14″ Inflatable
Frame Type High-Carbon Steel
Display Yes
Key & Remote Yes
Foldable Yes
Suspension Yes


  • 7 Days Parts Replacement
  • 6 Months Warranty (Battery, Motor, Mainboard)
  • 1 Year Free Service / After-Sales (All parts)