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Pro Group e-bike & scooter traces its roots back to 2014, when its founders Pou Ya Khalili and Robert Kala were on a quest to find a sustainable way to ride for longer distances with bikes and scooters. Back then, there were really no alternatives to either commuting or owning a vehicle; and being owned by the oil companies thereafter. Fact of life.
From that point to Pro Group e-bike & scooter official opening in 2020, both Pou Ya & Robert worked relentlessly in the manufacturing and logistics of electric bikes & scooters. They made partnerships all over the ASEAN region to make this happen while learning all about the technology in their visits in the US & European regions – where this tech are already blooming.
The mindset of Pro Group e-bike & scooter is to change the way Filipinos look at owning a vehicle.
Traditionally, car ownership is traditionally owned as a status symbol. But, unless you have a car already – you wouldn’t know that this status symbol is a creeping financial problem experienced by almost all car owners. In the ASEAN region, Philippines is the 5th country with most cars sold in the last 5 years. But, since most car purchases are under loans in the bank or insurance, 59% of car owners today will have their car repossessed within a 3-5 year average period.
This is because most people do not realize the realities of after-sales cost they have to pay such as ultra high and volatile gasoline prices, maintenance works, accidents, the time you lose in traffic, and many more others.
Simply put: owning a car or any traditional vehicle today is simply not a smart investment to make anymore.
With this in mind, the partners Pou Ya & Robert pushed to establish a full-blown company now famously known as Pro Group e-bike & scooter after 6 years from its inception.
They officially cut the ribbon for the first day of operations in 2020, which is undoubtedly the hardest year to open. But they made it happen and now we are the go-to and authority electric bike and electric scooter. The main shop and showroom is located in Manila with 3 warehouses spread across the Metropolis and 9 franchises opening within 2021 – 2023 period.

365 Day Operation Per Year

Compared to other small-time and provincial electric vehicle shops, Pro Group e-bike & scooter is open all year round, including most holidays. This enabled the business to stand among the rest of the competition.
On top of the regular enthusiasts and early technology adopters, the e-bike & e-scooter products of Pro Group are infamous among social media influencers.
The most popular products of Pro Group e-bike & scooter include scooters from the Hendersun Tomini, and Inokim brands and best e-bike philippines from the Dynatronz and Ji-Move brands.
Pro Group e-bike & scooter YouTube Channel has a special section for its collaborations with social media influencers and celebrities who are actively promoting Pro Group products. You can view the collection here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6LsDbjHLboCqqVsnuI7isgGgYjC7rTgf

We Take You There!

Pro Group e-bike & scooter works towards ensuring everyone achieves their destination.
On top of providing smart and economical savings on not having to pay for gas prices ever again because of fully-electric bikes & scooters; and not having to pay parking fees ever again because of the portable aspect of our products – each customer gets to be in an adventure of their own every day.
Of course 100% precaution and road safety discipline must be observed at all times. But past that, is the freedom to journey wherever you want and whenever you want.
If you find any difficulties or issues with your product, we are always open daily to serve and help each and every e-bike & e-scooter rider. That is our core business methodology.
Feel free to reach our – we’re just a call, an email, or a quick Messenger away!
Find out why you should choose Pro Group e-bike & Scooter Philippines for your e-bike & escooter needs now!

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